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BMW launched it's electric sportscar i8 India on 18 February 2015 in Mumbai

The German car maker BMW launched its electric sports car in India with its brand Ambassador Master blaster "Sachin Tendulkar". BMW is renowned for its technology and innovation. And with launching of this car it has proved it again. It is a first plug in hybrid vehicle which will be available for sale in three Indian cities right now ie Mumbai ,Delhi and Chennai.This car will be available as a completely built unit.

Mr Philipp Von Sahr, President of BMW Group India said, “The world we live in is changing and a changing world constantly demands new ideas. The global automotive industry is witnessing a paradigm shift from the conventional combustion engine to sustainable mobility solutions. And, so is India. This iconic change is inevitable. At BMW, we are constantly working to create cutting-edge mobility solutions for the future. We will spearhead this revolution with BMW i – a ground-breaking concept for sustainable mobility and a new understanding of what premium means – strongly defined by sustainability.”

BMW i8
BMW i8

Mr Sahr added that, “The BMW i8 is no ordinary car – it is a new culture. It is an example of futuristic technology which is an evolution of BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy. Most of the futuristic technologies used in the BMW i8 are already implemented in current BMW models in some form or the other that enable enhanced performance and lower emissions. To put it simply, the BMW i8 is a remarkable vision that has become an exciting reality today. With growing urbanization and increasing environmental challenges, the BMW i8 is the perfect solution to the mobility needs of the Indian luxury consumer living in the upcoming megacities of the country. With the launch of the BMW i8 – the most progressive sports car of the twenty first century, the future is here.”

Coming to its Brand Ambassador Mr Sachin Tendulkar (World known cricket player) said, " BMW had managed that they have lead a proformance of car to speak for themselves.

You can watch more what Sachin Tendulkar said in this vedio

Technical Aspects

1) Powered with TwinPower Turbo 1.5 litre 3-cylinder petrol engine
2)Three modes of driving : Comfort, Eco-Pro and Sports.
3)0-100 km/h in 4.4 Sec
4)Running in battery power it achieves 120 km/h and gives a range of 45 Kms and with conjucation of gasoline engine it achieves 250 Km/h and can archive a range of 600 Kms with both the power.
5) Its Stylist Scissor doors

Sachin Tendulkar and BMW i8
BMW i8 with Sachin Tendulkar

Price : The Price of this giant super Hybrid car is tagged at Rs 2,29,000,00 

Product Verdict

BMW launching its Hybrid car in India is an intelligent step by company. An electric sports car with massive performance is targeting Indian sport car fans to taste the new driving experience. BMW i8 calling itself "I am the Future" shown the future vision of company. No doubt about car performance and driving comfort. But lets wait and watch what the sales figure says. Will its electric taste change petro head minds. Will its economy and efficiency matter to the rich buyers? As this car is also being used for the Formula E racing's safety car ,it may attract more customers.

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