Sunday, April 5, 2015

RedBull F1 Show Run held at Hyderabad today

Redbull F1 showrun 2015 filled excitement of Formula1 in Hyderabad

Red bull formula one team held a show run with its very own formula 1 RB7 car.The massive engineering marvel of motorsport was so amazing.Its truly a pinnacle of motorsport.The Redbull Show Run was hosted by world champion team infinity redbull racing. 
RedBull Show Run Hyderabad
Redbull ShowRun

On the Sunday morning and on one of the busiest road in Hyderabad (the lumbini park road) in front of Hussain sagar was a perfect combination for this show(lake side ). The crazy fans started coming for the show right from 6:30 am in the morning even though the show was scheduled from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. Alongside redbull marvellous performance a bike stunt was added to the show. It was by the world champion stunt man Aras. This was not to be missed by any bike lover. He made the balls rolling with his stunt.
Redbull Show Run Hyderabad
Aras Bike Stunt
Redbull ShowRun Hydarabad
Nagaarjuna at Redbull Showrun

RedBull Showrun Hyderabad
David Coulthard

Redbull Showrun Hyd Naga chaitanya
Naga chaitanya in RedBull

The show started with bike stunt and then David Coulthard  (Ex-Formula 1 Driver from Redbull) pulled it with the F1 RB7 sound. He made some donuts on the road road which made fans shouting and screaming. The level of excitement could not be controlled. this was really one show lucky for all Hyderabadi fans. The sound of Formula 1 car can't be feel on T.V or YouTube.Its was very amazing show.Some VIP guest includes naga chaitanya naga arjuna added glimpse to the show.The driver David and Araaz said they would not leave Hyderabad until they taste its very famous dish Biryani.

Watch out the donuts made by David with RB7

Its true that the engineering excellence has reached beyond par for oldest Motorsport event.And still engineers are working day and night for improving the car to perform better than opponents.
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