UPI Payment Apps-SBI,ICICI,PNB,YES,Axis,Union and All Banks.

Unique payment Interface (UPI)

Unique payment Interface(UPI) is a great initiative by government,proposed  by previous governor Raguram Rajan.

With the recent announcement of Demonetization and shortage of cash around the country this UPI would be very handy app.

Everyone is much confused about the use of UPI app. There are plenty of UPI apps available on play store but which one to download.


What is UPI?

UPI is unique payment interface which allows you to transfer money to any bank without adding them beneficiary. This is very helpful for instant transfer.

So UPI is one app or many apps?

You might have seen many apps on play store for UPI. But which one to choose is very difficult.

So to clear this confusion,the most suitable solution is YOUR BANK YOUR UPI. Choose your banks UPI app. To check the authenticity of the app.Check the developer address if it’s from the bank or not.

Every bank is rolling out it’s UPI feature in form of separate app or incorporating feature in it’s old app.

Which all Banks offers UPI?

Almost every Bank has rolled out this feature. Top 10 banks offering UPI.

  1. SBI Pay – Offered by State Bank of India
  2. EazyPay – Offered by ICICI
  3. AxisPay – Offered by Axix bank
  4. Canara Bank UPI- Offered by Canara bank
  5. Phone Pe- Offered by Yes Bank
  6. PNB UPI – Offered by Punjab national Bank
  7. Union Bank UPI – Offered by Union bank
  8. HDFC Bank Mobile-  HDFC is offering feature in it’s old mobile.
  9. Baroda MPay- Offered by Bank of Baroda.
  10. Andhra Bank one – Offered by Andhra

These are leading banks offering UPI feature and more other banks are rolling out this feature.

So how UPI works? How to Install UPI and transfer money?

Steps to follow –

  1. Check your bank UPI
  2. Download it’s app from store.
  3. Add your bank with details like account number and IFSC code
  4. Verify it with your card details with OTP.
  5. Generate UPI pin for that app(To be used for any transaction)
  6. To transfer amount – Just add their name, bank account number,IFSC code and amount.
  7. It’s will ask you the pin which you generated in step 5.
  8. Done.You have successfully transferred money. Check your account balance any time in that app.

This is the process in almost all UPI apps. But little difference will be there in method but process will be same.

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