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We are two highly enthusiastic techies who keeps themselves updated with technology. In today's world everyone wants to have latest gadgets and cars. It has become a status of living for us and also it became a major part of our lives.We always need better mobility and connectivity products.

We are here to give you the most recent launches of gadgets and cars.Every few days a new Smartphone/Laptop/Tablet/PC/Cars/Bikes are launched and we keep looking for a better product available in market. We will be sharing all about technology and automotive updates and views about each and every product in detail. Hence our name techautobuzz. Keep visiting our website to keep yourself updated with all the latest launches.


The automotive industry began in the 1890s with hundreds of manufacturers that pioneered the horseless carriage. For many decades, the United States led the world in total automobile production. In 1929 before the Great Depression, the world had 32,028,500 automobiles in use, and the U.S. automobile industry produced over 90% of them. At that time the U.S. had one car per 4.87 persons. After World War II, the U.S. produced about 75 percent of world's auto production. In 1980, the U.S. was overtaken by Japan and became world's leader again in 1994. In 2006, Japan narrowly passed the U.S. in production and held this rank until 2009, when China took the top spot with 13.8 million units. With 19.3 million units manufactured in 2012, China almost doubled the U.S. production, with 10.3 million units, while Japan was in third place with 9.9 million units. From 1970 (140 models) over 1998 (260 models) to 2012 (684 models), the number of automobile models in the U.S. has grown exponentially.

We here will give you all the updates and happening in automotive industry. All the updates of Cars and bikes launches across the world.


The origins of the word "gadget" trace back to the 19th century. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, there is anecdotal (not necessarily true) evidence for the use of "gadget" as a placeholder name for a technical item whose precise name one can't remember since the 1850s; with Robert Brown's 1886 book Spunyarn and Spindrift, A sailor boy’s log of a voyage out and home in a China tea-clipper containing the earliest known usage in print. The etymology of the word is disputed.

A widely circulated story holds that the word gadget was "invented" when Gaget, Gauthier & Cie, the company behind the repoussé construction of the Statue of Liberty (1886), made a small-scale version of the monument and named it after their firm; however this contradicts the evidence that the word was already used before in nautical circles, and the fact that it did not become popular, at least in the USA, until after World War I. Other sources cite a derivation from the French gâchette which has been applied to various pieces of a firing mechanism, or the French gagée, a small tool or accessory.

Now we are totally dependent on gadgets and we use it at every point in our life. So here we give you all updates regarding latest gadgets and its technology.

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